Glass Decoration Solutions

Make your own decoration:

Decoration has become increasingly popular with customers and to make products stand out from competition,more and more customers are requesting sophisticated decoration techniques to enhance their product marketability.

Gauss can achieve your bottle's special finishing among different techniques:

Screen Printing Color Coating(Transparent/Solid/Gradient coating)
Hot Stamping(Gold/Silver) Flocking/VelvetLaser Etching Metallization Water Transfer
Frosting Soft touch Decal 


Decoration techniques

Silkscreen Printing

As the best known decoration method, screen printing never fade. Screen printing can combined with all decoration methods available in our factory to achieve more unconventional effect. Ink + screen (mesh stencil) = screenprinting, the process itself has very little limits on what surfaces can be used to print on. Staying on trend is easy-peasy with this process, considering all of the awesome ink types available that can manipulate the “look” of the final print.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping seduces with a magnificent shine and makes the final product stylish and chic. It gives and exceptional metallic look and emphasizes uniqueness of the brand. Hot Stamping is the process of heating up a colored foil and melting it to the bottle, bag or box, this gives you a shiny embossed look.


Acid etching is a chemical process whereby the outer layers of a glass bottle are removed to give the bottle an opaque, frosted appearance with a stunning smooth finish.


Each fine piece of art involves three working processes of designing, carving and polishing.


Metalizing allows to create an upmarket bottle with an individual look, the eye-catching decoration effect highlights uniqueness of the product. The process involves heating a metallic material in a vacuum chamber until it starts to evaporate. The vaporized metal condenses on and bonds to the bottle, which is being rotated to help ensure uniform application. After the metalizing process is completed, a protective topcoat is applied to the bottle.


Decal can be applied manually when the shape of a bottle is too irregular for an automatic screen printing process. A decal is a substrate that has a design, pattern or image on it which is meant to be transferred to another surface. The word decal refers to either the substrate or the design it contains.


Color Coating

This process sprays a light coating of color onto the surface of the glass.this can either be solid color or transparent coats, matte or glossy and part-coating to achieve a fade-out look. Color coating is an eco-friendly solution that contributes to a healthier environment. It utilizes a melting process that reduces smog-producing VOCs

Partial Color Coating

Solid Color Coating

Soft Touch/Rubber Coating

To emphasize the uniqueness of the product,we use the special lacquers to achieve the soft touch effect.Looks luxury products. Rubber paint is used in a variety of applications and can be applied to wood, metal, concrete, fiberglass and plastic surfaces. Available in different colors, rubber paint may be applied by brush, roller or spray.


Flocking is a completely brand new trend on the market, which is a printing method that involves the transfer of synthetic fibres on packaging by means of an electrostatic force generated in appropriate machinery, to obtain a pleasant velvet effect. It introduces packaging to a higher level.Flocking forms a surface in which it imitates a kind of textile. that makes you want to feel it. Flocking attracts attention whether it covers the entire surface or only part of it.

Water Transfer                          

Water Transfer Printing is a surface decorating process where intricate graphics like wood grain, carbon fiber, camouflage, or designer patterns are applied to glass products.This allows more content, images and graphics to be placed onto the product as well as very intricate designs that just cannot be achieved through normal printing. Water Transfers is one of the highest quality decoration, any design can be created no matter how big or small and applied to the glass.



Cracking decorative effect is accomplished by using a crackling medium between a base coat of one color and a top coat of a different color. The crackling medium causes the top coat of paint to crack in random patterns, allowing the base coat color to show through. Cracking is a unique spray that allows the secondary spray to expand during curing.


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